97 Roadking steering lock fail

Sam W

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Morning all, my Rk steering lock has jammed halfway, neither locked or unlocked.
I can see a few pins loose between barrel and body, barrel also seems slightly out of line, so I guess it’s fubar but I can’t find any info on removing lock in factory manual.
Any ideas?
Why do these things happen just as the weather picks up…🤬
Here you go……
Thanks very much for that info and diagram Watchman, think you’ve solved the prob, I’d got headlight stripped out and exposed lock but can’t see anything on lock body to undo… lookin at the diagram it look like the 2 bolts you mention, (nos 2 and 41) on mine must be hidden under some form of plug, almost looks like a domed rivet head….guess I need to drill that out then?
And yes, I’ll problee get a price on a new genuine lock…and then get a howling disclok
Have you by any chance managed to get the key out, halfway between open & locked, this can happen as these type keys & lock get worn. Either way the lock is most likely bolloxed and once it's does it once, it will happen again!
The trick before the full 'muller it up experience' and remove the lock is to try getting the key back in the place it came out, fiddling about and angeling the key to try to get it back in, then unlock it fully> Then forget that lock or buy a new one, but remember you will have to either use two keys or get the ignition lock matched too!

You can always buy a nice cover to cover the key hole, always thought the Road Kings need one to keep the dirt out the lock but H-D never fitted one, they do sell one but don't fit it, even to their over expensive Highway King Revival!

Aftermarket Lock Cover Link

H-D Cover Link
,,, on mine must be hidden under some form of plug, almost looks like a domed rivet head….guess I need to drill that out then?
On HDI models they are security screws so the heads break off after installation and as said end up looking like rivets!

Screw 2.jpg

I had best results using screw extractors as below on the right in a reversed battery drill or using left hand twist drill bits & taking it carefully and never putting that type of screw back!

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Thanks for reply SJ, yes thankfully th key is out, tried to get key in for yonks but it’s no go, pins all loose in space where the key has to go,
looking at it, once locks out, I might try and rig up something like on my old shovel where a hole in frame and bottom yoke lined up and a big padlock could be shoved in….
SJ thanks for bolt pic and easy out info,
think that’s everything covered,
A big shout to Watchman and SJ…Cheers guys.
If I remember correctly you need to put that lock back in as the two halves of the nacelle are supported by it as the top cover 29/31 clamps down to it to hold it all together


Those types of steering lock are only any use to stop motorists wheeling you bike out the way so they can park where you are, they are easy to snap with the handlebars, I do miss the old style yokes you can fit a padlock!

That one was a bit of overkill only used in the garage!

FXR Cam 1.jpg

I don't think a padlock set up will work as the fork tubes sit opposite to a normal set up!
Yup, SJ, you remember correctly, 2 philips screws hold cover onto lock body.
Plan is to remove lock barrel if possible, and any unnecessary gubbins that might drop onto bottom yoke, and refit mt lock body.
Then decide whether to buy a shiny new genuine hd lock …..or pay the mortgage off.
Hahaha, RM,yer a star, just done it, worked a treat👍
Not all good nooz tho, The noise has woke the kids up…
Still it is about time they got up, bloody teenagers.
Glad it worked Sam.
You can re use the fastners if you want to, just use the same technique in reverse.
Hope you get the issue sorted ok.
Ha! teenagers, up at the crack of noon no doubt :ROFLMAO:
All sorted thanks very much Robbie, Watchman and SJC.
First time I haven’t been able to find what I need in my Service Manual, where can I get those diagrams Watchman?
Either you can buy parts book or there is a link in here somewhere to hd parts lists just pick year model ect from drop down box but i cant remember where it is one of the others should be able put it up 👍