Evo Spare Parts

El Hombre

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Can anyone recommend a good place for Evo parts please. I need a clutch lever bracket for my later 84 FX Shovel - same as Evo.



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Have you tried Jersey HD ? Otherwise it'll probably have to be CC or Zodiac etc or an import from the USA.
If I need any of that stuff I generally use Will Burrows 'cos he's only up the road and a decent bloke.

El Hombre

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Thanks Stig, has to be OEM and the parts are not available through dealers. Even Warrs and Boon don't have them.


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Are these of any help.

From my PDF

1984 FXST;
1985 to 1986 FX Models

Pages : 48 & 49

Item 12; PN : 38608-82B BRACKET, CLUTCH LEVER, BLACK (Jersey HD unavailable)

Item 22; PN: 45044-82 MASTER CYLINDER CLUTCH CLAMP £16.81 (Jersey HD price)

El Hombre

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Thanks Dave, OEM is not available. The others are repop. The bike is very original and I like to keep it that way. I really need to find out how long Harley used that part on their bikes and maybe do a search for individual models - early Evos etc.


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You will find a stack of bits like that on FB Marketplace in USA ... search ''harley parts'' and get the levers shipped to your nearest mate in the lower 48.