Harley Davidson Riders Past & Present Baza Memorial Stickers

Mark Hammond

Harley Davidson Riders Past & Present Baza Memorial Stickers

As some of you will be aware, our good friend and fellow club member Baza Bloxham sadly pased away a few weeks ago. Baza was always an advocate for ensuring that we remember members who are no longer with us and designed the attached logo for members to display as a way of showing respect for members who are no longer with us. Baza was also a long standing supporter of the Prostate Cancer charity and raised a lot of money for the charity over the years.

A limited supply of stickers have been made up that portray Baza’s memorial logo. These stickers have been donated to the club by two club members and we will be making them available to Region 14 members in return for a donation to Prostate Cancer. We will collect the donations locally and make a payment to a soon to be launched Just Giving page.

The Region 14 stickers will be arriving with me in the next week and will be available to purchase at the forthcoming Region 14 AGM, and monthly meets following the AGM.

The stickers will need to paid for in cash and the amount you pay is whatever you think is appropriate as a donation to Baza’s chosen charity. We will only have a limited number of stickers available and they will be sold on a first come, first served basis.

If you can’t get to the AGM or a meet message me and we’ll work something out, but trying to keep this as cash and face to face transactions.