how many buells


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how many are on the forum , I'm just wondering as my twin cam just shat its crank and my buell s1 project is almost complete , don't want to be the only buelligan at the rallys


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Re: how many buells

Don't worry about being the only Buell in the village, ride it with pride it's good to see variety!


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Re: how many buells

There are a few of us on here Had mine 16 years now. I suspect most have other bikes as well.

mr waff

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Re: how many buells

Been a Bulligan for 10 years now. every time i ride it gives me a big grin.
Cant beat a good handling quirkey bit a kit.
"Be different ride a Buell"

White Lightning

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How many Buells you say? Three at the moment although I topped out at five. A heavily modded White Lightning that I've had for 23 years, an 1125CR registered on the day the factory closed back in 2009 and an S2T Thunderbolt. Sorry to say they're all SORNed right at the moment but not for long.

Check your calendars, Mr Waff, you've been a Buelligan a lot longer than that :glee:


Ian campbell

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had mine about 5 years ,makes me smile every time i am out with it, next ride of to isle of man for the manx


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