Meet 1st & 3rd Wednesday of the month:

Nick C

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Hello Baza,


I am Nick Cardy, I have just joined today.. and am in the Essex area..

Are the meets still happening as your post above? Can I arrive in 4 wheels (as I winter my bike)?

Looking forwards to meeting you and more members of the team..

Sorry, if this isn't the correct procedure for making contact..



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A lot of folks attend winter club nights on 4 wheels Nick, it's better to turn up in a car than not go at all (y) :cool:
I'm sure it won't be a problem mate :)

Nick C

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That's good then..

As my bike won't be out till the warmer & dryer weather (too damn long to clean a Harley).. its good to know about 4 wheels.. definitely want to participate when I can (work takes me away sometimes).. but want to be part of a group of like minded Harley Owners, to ride out.

Hopefully there will be a group of riders in Essex at the meets, so I can spot them in the meeting.