Ultima or not?

Give it a miss chinese shit ! further down you see where its made go with a reputable supplier via a uk seller
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Others do very similar kits s+s or daytona and so on you may find crane advertised also their kit is good and now sold as s+s lots of options out there just do some checking 👍
I've got Ultima single fire on my shovel..It has 3 dead revs before it fires. So no good for a kicker
they do a kicker specific ultima, its programmed from the factory. I have one somewhere!

Used the ultima in a Evo chop and its still going strong a good few years later, bumped into the now owner last year and he said it was 100% reliable!

The Hi-4 is, imo, the best but is now a very expensive unit compared to the others!
Ultima programmable ignitions, think the number is 53-642 for the unit alone. Is effectively the Dynatek 2ki ignition, with a ultima sticker on. Not a clone or a copy, the same units as made and supplied by dynatek, but significantly cheaper.

also regarding the dead-revs, you buy a 20 quid usb-serial lead (FTDi-chip). Download dynatek curvemaker program and you can reprogram the module to your hearts content. dead-revs, advance-curves, rev-limits, download operational data, whatever.

forget that chinkwainese counterfeit bullshit. buy from a reputable distributor of ultima producs.
any 3rd part indy with any of the catalogues can get it you.

i run/program the 2ki in my shovel. about 10k miles on it, hassle free.
Sorry lads you misunderstand me I Totally agree about ultima and have used their stuff myself brought via the catalogues but if you hit the link then look at sellers other items umbrellas , placemats cat litter tray and the like the seller is just pushing chinese shit and bad copy’s of all sorts hes and only been selling since last year based in china and his feedback is saying it all hes not a motorcycle specialist 👍
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Ordered an Ultima, which should be arriving shortly. Any recommendations for a single fire coil (at a reasonable price)?

I understand it needs to be a 3.0 OHM (1984 FHLTC) but there are numerous options out there!
it doesn't 'need' to be a 3ohm coil, it's just with a lower ohm coil, you'll have more current passing and more spark 'energy'

i personally use dynatek coils. have for years, decade+ easy, no hassle; dual, single, fire, plug, 12v, 6v, everyhting.

take it you are single-plug?
single plug, you could use a pair of DC3-1
not sure of single-fire-single-coil options.
need the 3-tap primary; '-' '+' '-'
look at the wiring options in the pdf attached.


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The Hi-4 is, imo, the best but is now a very expensive unit compared to the others!
Just for reference... the Hi-4 has always been the module of choice for kickstarting. Built-in switch to permit that. And super-reliable. I have never bought anything else in 30yrs - and until buying my very original FXB a couple of years ago I never had a functioning electric start on a 4spd Big Twin.

The Hi4 module was originally offered by Crane in the early 1990s. Around the turn of the century it was updated as Hi4-N, with a more heat-resistant body. The upgraded module colour was no longer black, but silver/brushed aluminium.

During the GFC circa 2008, Crane went bust and sold off its motorcycle accessories business to, S&S.

S&S improved the Hi4N yet again, and the modules branded S&S are the ones to get. Sadly, S&S stopped making them a couple of years ago but there are still loads to be found on eBay with matching coils....I have a couple stashed away. Highly recommended to those seeking kickstart compatability without the need to buy additional tech or contact manufacturer for ''special order'' as some other brands require.
good info (y)
available at hogparts



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if your running a single fire ignition you need a single fire coil, personally id be buying the one that matches my ignition, a ultima one.

there are plenty on ebay and the like. when you bought the ultima was it not a kit that included the coil? ive always bought modules that way, its normally cheaper!
Much of the reading I did before purchase suggested that the coil supplied with the kit was not good, and often had to be replaced within 12 months, so I opted for the ignition only. There are loads of coils out there (see link to ARH options as an example), ranging from £50 to £280 so was just looking for any recommendations. Don't want to spend £280 if it's no better than a £50 coil, conversely I don't want to spend £50 on a coil that only lasts a short time and then have to replace it with a £280 one!

the evo chop i built is still running the ultima coil 3 years later with no issues and the guy uses the bike alot, also I believe @TikTok used the ultima coil and ignition on his shovel chop without issue and again plenty of miles, as ever you only hear bad stories of things on line not the people that never have a issue with them
look at all those single-fire coils on the ARH page that have the same form + fit?
do they all come out of the same factory? chinkwainese copies?

you could take a punt with the 50 quid DOSS ARM818614, may last year and years or fail too soon?
you then have middle of the road S&S, Dynatek, Compufire, twin-tec, decreasing prices respectively, but around 150 give or take 30 quid?
250+ Accels? I'd have to see the tech-data for these, why they'd command so much?

basically coil is all about the 'wire' how much of it and the quality of it.
i guess the encapsulation as well.

i ran cheap VTwin/CC/MCS dual-fire coil with points for years, no probs. i'd do teh same again based on that.
but i've also used, and continue to use expensive dynatek coils for years no hassle with electronic, so i'd do the same there too.

i think if it was me, that Dynatek DC6-5 is about 130 quid with current 15% discount, directly from Dynatek UK.

buy one of them, reputable and UK based/sourced, if it fails sooner rather than later?
i'd like to think that you have some comeback from Dynatek?
As oposed to some mass online dealer, that might say your problem is with manufacturer and not them type thing.
as said, they are still listed in the Motorcycle storehouse catalogue and on WW so not discontinued!

Hogparts has them on sale with the coil for £533 which is a bargain when storehouse list the retail at 650 Euro!
Excellent news, cheers. About 5yrs ago S&S removed the Hi4N from its website and only offered the far less flexible Super Stock modules.
But i see the Hi4N is back on the S&S website. Maybe it has been for most of this decade.

Brain updated ;-) I highly recommend the kit with matching S&S single-fire coil.